๐ŸงฐToken Utility

In the rich product ecosystem of One Click, the token serves 4 fundamental purposes:

  1. Governance

  2. Access and in-app utility

  3. Data curation

  4. Protocol growth and liquidity gauging

1. Governance

CLICK will be used to vote on governance proposals on matters regarding the OneClick.Fi protocol, some of which will be key measures to the operations of the protocol, such as:

  • Protocol upgrades

  • Yield strategies

  • Fee structure modifications

  • General risk management frameworks

  • Which yield protocols to support and optimize.

  • CLICK indexes backing composition

  • DEX and yield protocol integrations

  • Protocol exposure

  • Network exposure

  • Cross-chain integrations

  • New product and feature prioritization

  • Community grants

  • Sizing and composition of Ecosystem Fund

2. Access and In-App Utility

Protocol Access

Holding and staking CLICK will unlock and give early access to premium and additional features of the protocol.

In addition to that, CLICK will have utility in ecosystem partner protocols and unlock exclusive access to services and functionalities within the projects in One Click ecosystem.

Discounts and Free Usage

Holding CLICK unlocks premium features of OneClick.fi platform for free or at a discount. Depending on their CLICK holdings, users can enjoy:

  • Discounted zaps

  • Free number of zaps per week/month

  • Free or discounted fees for other protocol features

  • Free subscriptions for fixed duration

  • Discounted or free partner offerings

Free Gas

Using account abstraction, users can use CLICK to pay gas fees on any supported blockchain.

Boosted Yields

CLICK stakers will be eligible for boosted earnings from the yield pools available on OneClick.Fi.

Partner-integrated projects are required to hold and stake CLICK in order to be eligible or yield boosting.

3. Protocol Growth and Liquidity Gauges

Gauge Mechanism

The governance token acts as a gauge for yield protocols, allowing holders to direct liquidity towards preferred protocols. This incentivizes yield protocols to buy and hold the governance token to benefit from increased liquidity and optimized yields.

The process looks like the following:

  1. Governance Token Voting: Governance token holders vote on which yield protocols should receive additional liquidity.

  2. Allocation of Funds: Based on the votes, the platform allocates additional liquidity to the chosen yield protocols, enhancing their yields.

  3. Incentive for Protocols: Yield protocols are incentivized to acquire and hold the governance token to be considered for yield juicing. This creates buy pressure for the governance token and aligns the interests of the protocols with the platform.

  4. Feedback Loop: Continuous feedback from users and performance data helps refine the allocation process, ensuring that the most beneficial protocols receive the support they need.

Fee Sharing

Fees accrued by the protocol shall be distributed to the governance token holders. These include the following:

Transaction Fees: Fees collected from various user actions, such as bridging, staking, and withdrawing.

Protocol Fees: Fees earned from partnering yield protocols and liquidity pools. These fees can come from the yield generated or a percentage of the total value locked (TVL) in these protocols.

Yield Optimization: Through aggregation of assets, OneClick.Fi generates higher yields through economies of scale. A portion of the enhanced yields is taken as a fee.


Staking CLICK will provide a small base native yield (<5%) as well as a share in the fee distribution pool.

4. Data Curation

As described in Data Crowdsourcing, only within the tokenized environment it is possible to develop a content creation & reward system that would enable the creation of products on the level of data completeness of Wikipedia 2.0 and better.

CLICK token stands at the core of fostering a rich and accurate database through data curation. In an environment where details change by the minute, itโ€™s crucial to have a self-updating repository. The token incentivizes users to curate data, ensuring that the information on the platform is constantly refreshed and refined. For example, similar to how Reddit rewards quality content with upvotes, token token holders and data curators are rewarded for their submissions, creating a DeFi information hub thatโ€™s as current as the blockchain itself.

The Flywheel Effect

CLICK serves as the primary mechanism and necessary function for the One Click ecosystem.

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