🧭Yield Explorer

Yield Explorer is the foundation for the rest of the One Click product ecosystem.

Yield Explorer is an online tool that helps regular people find DeFi yields and airdrops.

Unique Features

Yield Explorer is not an average yield aggregator. It bolsters a unique set of features that makes it more appealing to the mass market:

  • Complete Database: Yield Explorer contains information about 20,000+ DeFi pools and strategies, giving you a complete overview of yield opportunities.

  • Transparent Risk & Safety Scores: Each pool in the Yield Explorer database has a 1–10 “safety score”, giving you full transparency of the risks involved. The scores are aggregated from trusted auditor providers like DefiSafety, Redefine, CertiK, and more.

  • Yield Composability Map: Find out how to utilize and boost your existing DeFi positions on other DeFi protocols with Yield Explorer’s Composability Map. It maintains a complete database of how various DeFi pools and protocols are interconnected with each other giving you a better overview of what you can do with your yield. More info available in Airdrop + Yield Farming Composability

  • Airdrop Tracker: Yield Explorer shows additional airdrops you can potentially get by using any given DeFi pool or protocol. Let it be an incentive program boost or a future token airdrop, it will be displayed on a Yield Explorer interface. View the complete database of airdrops in Airdrop Tracker

Yield Explorer for DeFi is like…

Bloomberg Terminal for Finance: Known for providing financial data and analytics, Yield Explorer is similar to a Bloomberg Terminal for the DeFi space, offering comprehensive data and insights.

Wikipedia for Information: Wikipedia is a comprehensive information source; Yield Explorer is a comprehensive source for all things DeFi.

Google Maps for Travel: Just as Google Maps guides travelers, Yield Explorer is a navigational tool for exploring the DeFi landscape.

IMDb for Movies: IMDb is the definitive source for movie information; Yield Explorer serves a similar role for information on DeFi pools.

How it Works

Explore all available DeFi yield pools and strategies, including DeFi staking pools, liquidity pools, lending pools, vaults, yields from tokenized real-world assets, and more.

Filter them by Chain, Asset, TVL, APY, and Risk Scores.

Pool Info Page

Each pool has its unique page on Yield Explorer where you can browse more detailed information about it.

Risk Aggregator

Understand the risks related to the strategy by reviewing its ratings and audits provided by third-party security providers. Learn more in Risk & Safety Scores

In-Depth Analytics

View in-depth info about the strategy, like its capacity, lockups, fees, detailed yield breakdown, and more.

Yield Composability and Airdrops

See additional rewards and airdrops you can earn from using this pool. Explore “Linked Strategies” to find more ways to boost yield for this strategy. See more info about both features separately in Airdrop + Yield Farming Composability and Airdrop Tracker

For Protocol Owners

If you want to integrate your pools to Yield Explorer, reach out to us by filling in this form - https://forms.gle/pGDVVi3tcxBHkXzF9

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