🪂Airdrop Tracker

Airdrop Tracker is essentially the Yield Explorer’s counterpart, focusing exclusively on airdrops.

The Airdrop Tracker is your compass in the world of DeFi airdrops. It’s a clear, straightforward hub where you can find and understand more than 300 airdrop opportunities at a glance. Information about each airdrop is neatly presented, including how much you might receive, when you need to act, and what you need to do to qualify.

Here’s what you’ll find in the Airdrop Tracker:

Airdrop Main Page

Get a quick snapshot of the airdrops, neatly organized into categories like ‘Biggest’, ‘New’, and ‘Confirmed’. It’s your dashboard for what’s available and what’s coming up.

Airdrop Explorer

Filter airdrops to match your interests. Filter opportunities by network, protocols, status, size, complexity, and other parameters. Whether you’re looking for something on a specific network or with a certain level of reward, it’s all easily searchable.

Airdrop Details Page

Dive into the specifics of each airdrop. Each airdrop in the Airdrop Tracker database has its own dedicated page where you can explore:

  • Main info about the airdrop

  • All the available parameters like size, time remaining, difficulty level, etc.

  • List of official sources (if airdrop was confirmed)

  • List of tasks/activities to complete to be eligible for an airdrop with links to external platforms.

Upcoming Features

Soon, you’ll be able to check your wallet eligibility against available airdrops right in the Airdrop Tracker to see which ones you’re already qualified for.

With Airdrop Tracker, we aim to simplify the airdrop discovery process and allow anyone to start their DeFi journey with little or no upfront costs.

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