Fees for Vaults ( Farming Vaults & Structured Products)

The fees charged by the farming vaults are to be determined on an individual basis and published on a separate vault page (for example Optimism vault's Fee Structure)

The estimated ranges are the following:

  • Management fee: 0-2%

  • Performance fee: 0-20%

  • Entry fee: 0-1%

  • Exit fee: 0-1%

Fees for Zaps ( One-Click Zaps)

One Click Crypto will charge a "convenience fee" for each zap transaction. The fee will vary depending on the number of 1CC tokens held by the transacted user.

  • Default Zap fee: 0.01-0.85%

  • Rebalancing fee: 0.01-0.85%

The fees are charged as a % of transaction volume.

The fees are exclusive of gas fees, slippage, or additional costs charged by 3rd party protocols.

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