🖇️Airdrop + Yield Farming Composability

Airdrop and yield farming are both inherently connected aspects of DeFi. Airdrop farmers often are past yield farmers or vice versa.

One Click Crypto offers a seamless fusion of both aspects within Yield Explorer and Airdrop Tracker.

  • Within Yield Explorer, you’ll be able to see airdrops linked to a certain pool, network, or protocol. This will allow you to instantly detect whether you might be eligible for extra rewards for providing liquidity in a certain pool or staking tokens on a new L1/L2 chain. It’s like having a map where every route you take could lead to hidden treasure.

  • Switch over to Airdrop Tracker, and you’ll find that to claim some airdrops, you might need to interact with DeFi pools or protocols. That’s where Yield Explorer comes in again. With its simple, One-Click Zaps function, you can jump into action without fuss or excessive fees, no matter which blockchain you’re on.

In essence, these interconnected features are like gears in a well-oiled machine, working together to ensure that your steps in the DeFi space are both rewarding and cost-effective. Whether you’re zapping into a new opportunity or collecting on airdrops, the process is smooth, interconnected, and optimized for your benefit.

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