x1CC Token

Early and future One Click Crypto investors will receive proportional number of x1CC tokens in exchange for their contributions. The amount of x1CC tokens is capped; x1CC tokens holders can claim a fixed percentage of the total One Click TVL balance by swapping x1CC tokens for 1CCindex tokens.
  • x1CC is allocated to every private investor.
  • Σx1CC = k% x Σ1CCindex
  • x1CC will be diluting the TVL pool backing 1CCindex
  • Every investor is incentivized to expand the One Click protocol TVL to maximize their respective 1CCindex swap
Percentage of TVL attributed to x1CC holders can be programmatically set into a formula. For example, higher TVL leads to a higher percentage of TVL attributable to x1CC holders.
x1CC utility
x1CC token allocation is as follows:
Note: Final allocation numbers may be subject to adjustment.