๐ŸงฐToken Utility

In the rich product ecosystem of One Click Crypto, the token serves 4 fundamental purposes:

  1. Data Curation

  2. Economy of Knowledge

  3. Governance

  4. Growth

Data Curation

As described in Data Crowdsourcing, only within the tokenized environment it is possible to develop a content creation & reward system that would enable the creation of products on the level of data completeness of Wikipedia 2.0 and better.

1CC token stands at the core of fostering a rich and accurate database through data curation. In an environment where details change by the minute, itโ€™s crucial to have a self-updating repository. The token incentivizes users to curate data, ensuring that the information on the platform is constantly refreshed and refined. For example, similar to how Reddit rewards quality content with upvotes, 1CC token holders and data curators are rewarded for their submissions, creating a DeFi information hub thatโ€™s as current as the blockchain itself.

Economy of Knowledge

Incentivization is the driving force behind a vibrant and active community. With the 1CC token, users are motivated to engage with the platform, contribute their expertise, and maintain the ecosystem. This isn't just about compensation; it's about creating an economy of knowledge where contributions are valued and rewarded. As seen in platforms like Quora, where knowledgeable individuals are recognized for their insights, the 1CC token ensures that those enhancing the platform are duly incentivized.


The token is a pillar for decentralized governance, giving holders the right to vote on key decisions that shape the platform's future. This participatory approach empowers users to directly influence which networks, protocols, or pools are prioritized in the integration pipelines, fostering a democratic and user-centric ecosystem.


Growth is pivotal for the sustainability and advancement of the One Click Crypto ecosystem. The 1CC token is integral to this, not just as a transactional currency, but as a beacon for scaling the platform. By linking token releases and other activities to milestones like TVL growth, the token directly correlates with the platform's expansion, incentivizing users to contribute to its success.

The Flywheel Effect

1CC serves as the primary value accrual mechanism for One Click Crypto, where stakers of 1CC receive revenue from the fees from One Click Crypto vaults and products.

Additional Utility

  • Revenue-sharing: as of today's design, 80% of the revenue generated by the protocol's smart contracts is split between 1CC stakers

  • Buyback and Burn: the remaining 20% is streamed towards the buyback-and-burn program of the token from the public liquidity pools.

  • Governance: 1CC holders can participate in the governance of the protocol and guide decisions like choosing the next network, protocols, or pools for the integration

  • Discounted fees and rates: 1CC holders receive discounted rates when using the protocol depending on the value of their holdings

  • Boosted yields: 1CC holders can receive increased yields from the pools and vaults featured on the protocol

  • Eligibility for special campaigns: 1CC holders can participate in special protocol campaigns, earn additional airdrops, and get exclusive offers from protocol partners.

  • Priority access to new pools: 1CC holders get fast-track access to new pools and vaults listed on the protocol

  • Cosmetic perks: 1CC holders get exclusive Discord roles, forum tags, project swag, and more cosmetic benefits.

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