1CC Token

1CC token is allocated to private investors, core contributors, the community, and the project ecosystem.
1CC is the primary value accrual mechanism for One Click Crypto, where stakers of 1CC receive revenue from the fees from One Click Crypto vaults.


  • Revenue-sharing: as of today, 80% of the revenue generated by the protocol is split between 1CC stakers
  • Buyback and Burn: the remaining 20% of the revenue is streamed towards the buyback-and-burn program of the token from the public liquidity pools.
  • Governance: 1CC holders can participate in the governance of the protocol and guide decisions like choosing the next network, protocols, or pools for the integration
  • Discounted fees and rates: 1CC holders receive discounted rates when using the protocol depending on the value of their holdings
  • Boosted yields: on certain occasions, 1CC may receive increased yields from the pools and vaults featured on the protocol
  • Eligibility for special campaigns: 1CC holders can participate in special protocol campaigns, earn additional airdrops, and get exclusive offers from protocol partners.
  • Priority access to new pools: 1CC holders get fast-track access to new pools and vaults listed on the protocol
  • Cosmetic perks: 1CC holders get exclusive Discord roles, forum tags, project swag, and more cosmetic benefits.


Only those who staked 1CC can participate in the revenue share. Staking rewards distribution is based on the following tiers:
  • 24-hour lockup: 0.1x multiplier
  • 1-month lockup: 1x multiplier
  • 3-month lockup: 4x multiplier
  • 6-month lockup: 10x multiplier
  • 12-month lockup: 25x multiplier
Multiplier is applied based on the amount of staked 1CC.
Your % of revenue share = (Your 1CC value * multiplier) / (sum of total 1CC staked * multiplier)


The token distribution currently looks like the following:


1CC vesting is linked to the growth of the Total Value Locked (TVL) inside One Click Crypto vaults. The higher the TVL grows - the more tokens are unlocked.
1CC is unlocked in milestones (steps). Each step is triggered when TVL grows by 10% from the previous high.
Detailed vesting schedules to be published.