🔁Rebalancer & Auto-Compounder

All-in-One Dashboard for Rebalancing and Position Management

After setting up your DeFi positions, managing them should be easy. That’s why One Click includes a dashboard designed just for that. It’s your one-stop for keeping everything in check.

Dashboard Features:

  • One-Click Withdrawal and Management: Move or adjust all your positions with just one click, making it as easy as your initial setup through One-Click Zaps.

  • Rebalancing Alerts: If the yields of your current portfolio fall below a certain threshold, you will receive a notification with a more up-to-date portfolio that matches your profile. You can then rebalance into this portfolio in a single click.

  • Harvest and Compound: Collect your rewards manage auto-compounding settings.

  • Real-time portfolio valuation & analytics: a live view of your portfolio’s current value and performance. Analyze metrics like ROI, volatility, and comparison against market benchmarks.

  • Risk assessment updates: See updated risk scores for each position in your portfolio

  • Custom Alerts: Set alerts for the things that matter to you, like hitting your targets or big market shifts.

This dashboard isn’t just about tracking; it’s about making your DeFi journey smoother and more intuitive.

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